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Reid: This Is Fixable

Gone is head coach Andy Reid's perfect post-bye record after a decidedly imperfect performance by the Eagles in their 30-17 loss at home to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon.

"That was an embarrassing performance," Reid said to begin his postgame press conference. "We obviously didn't start fast enough. We didn't get off of the field on third downs early. We've got to be able to do that and then they got some big plays on us. We did not have big plays offensively. We started slow again, at least through the first few series there. I'm stating the obvious, we need to get better. I need to do a better job."

In total yardage, the Eagles were outgained 252 to 94 in the first half, during which the Falcons were 6-of-7 on third-down conversions.

"I take full responsibility for that performance right there," said Reid. "That's my responsibility to make sure they play better than that. We didn't play well enough."

After such a disappointing defensive performance, Reid was asked whether he regretted the decision to move on from Juan Castillo to Todd Bowles at defensive coordinator.

"No," he said. "I did what I did and (what) I thought was right at the time."

Offensively, Reid was once again asked about the status of Michael Vick as the starting quarterback. Vick finished 21-of-35 for 191 yards and a quarterback rating of 84.3 on the day.

"There were some things he could do better," Reid said. "I'll go back and look at everything. I'm not going to sit here and make decisions right now. I'm going to go back and look at it and analyze it."

The Eagles suffered only one injury of note, a hamstring strain for wide receiver and punt returner Mardy Gilyard. Also of note was the absence of linebacker Mychal Kendricks on the opening defensive drive. Reid said that Kendricks was replaced by Casey Matthews for the first series because of "disciplinary reasons."

Later, Kendricks said that he was late for a meeting on Friday.

"Any time anything like that happens, you have to be held accountable," Kendricks said in the locker room. "It won't happen again."

For now, Reid and the Eagles must once again turn the page following a loss. The opportunity to get back to the .500 mark comes next Monday night in New Orleans.

"Right now, what I'm concerned with is that we get ourselves better for New Orleans," said Reid. "That's what I'm concerned about.

"This is fixable and we're going to get it right. That's hard for me to tell you after a performance like that."

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