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Reid: Practice Will Be Physical As Always

Reid said he plans to bring the players along slowly over the next few days, ramping up the speed each day. However, the team won't practice in pads until Sunday morning, the fourth day of practice.

"We're just making sure with the offseason the way it's been, that I have a good feel of the players and where they're at condition wise," Reid said.

Once padded practices begin though, don't expect Reid and the coaching staff to hold anything back.

"The morning practices will be very similar, once we get into day three, of what we had before as far as time goes and format," Reid said. "That format will be the same that we use on day four, and the same format we've used in the past. That part is going to be very physical and still be the same type of thing. This is a sport where you make contact.

"The afternoon practices where you have the 10/10/10's and special teams, you can't have that anymore. That's not how it works, it's the walkthrough period. You can do the walkthrough in the morning or the afternoon. The next practice is out of pads and you have to do a walkthrough just like we used to with our eight/eight on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the season. Players are fast pre-snap and then cautious after that."

Reid was then asked if there will be an adverse effect on the quality of special teams since that has traditionally been the focus of afternoon practices.

"I'm making up for that in other areas with (special teams coordinator) Bobby (April)," Reid said. "I've extended a couple of the special teams periods a little bit longer than we have before when we have the opportunity to go fast. We'll get Bobby caught up there and I think when it's all worked out, if you calculated the minutes, it's going to be equal and he'll have a good amount of time there."

Remember that any free agents who sign with the Eagles will not be able to practice until August 4. But beyond that, it sounds like training camp at Lehigh figures to be as eventful as always.

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