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Reid: Kolb Deserves To Be A Starting QB

One of the biggest stories in the NFL, minus the labor situation, of this offseason has been where will Kevin Kolb play in 2011? Reid has said previously that when the Eagles were allowed to talk trades with other teams around the league there was a lot of interest in the Eagles' veteran backup. Of course, trades cannot be consummated until the start of a new league year. Even with the draft in the rear-view mirror, Reid said on Wednesday that he expects to receive phone calls once the labor situation is resolved. The decision that the Eagles must make is whether trading Kolb is in the best interest of the team.

"He deserves an opportunity and I've got to make that decision because we like him," Reid said. "I've got to take care of the Eagles first. But on the other hand, does he deserve an opportunity to play and be a starting quarterback in the National Football League? Absolutely."

Reid was asked about the progress he expects Michael Vick to make this offseason, his first as a starting NFL quarterback since 2006. Reid did not divulge secrets regarding what exactly Vick needs to do to improve upon an MVP-type 2010 season. But Reid said Vick's work ethic should make overcoming any obstacle a non-issue.

"When he puts his mind to it and he knows that there's something he needs to work on, he goes right after it," Reid said.

Could the Eagles be providing Vick with another playmaker at wide receiver? There has been a lot of speculation that the Eagles could be the eventual destination for Plaxico Burress, the former Giants receiver who had a lot of success against the Eagles. The buzz around a Vick-Burress partnership escalated when Burress emerged from the Oneida (N.Y.) Correctional Facility at the end of his near two-year prison stint for a gun charge with a Phillies cap on. Reid made a joke about the Phillies pitching staff before wishing Burress luck ... wherever he signs.

"Plaxico is a good kid. He made a mistake. He's worked through it. I wish the best for him whatever happens. I think he's, as they would say, paid the fiddler and deserves a second chance," Reid said. "Wherever it happens, it happens. He has paid a price and now he has an opportunity to come back and still has years to play. I wish him the best, no matter where he ends up."

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