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QB Colt McCoy Scouting Report

QB Colt McCoy, Texas
Pos. Rank: 3 Grade: 2nd-3rd Round Height: 6-1 Weight: 216 40: 4.77 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Accurate timing passer with marginal physical skills for the next level. Poised in the pocket, senses the rush and steps up to avoid it. Effectively commands and controls the offense, displays a sense of timing and overall awareness. Sells the ball fakes, buys time for receivers and stands in against the rush, taking a hit to get the throw away. Displays outstanding sense of knowing where pass catchers are on the field. Remains focused, puts touch on throws when necessary, and nicely places the ball into receivers hands. Very accurate over the middle and puts passes where only his receivers can make the reception.

The Bad: Lacks stature in the pocket and not a quarterback who can withstand the rush. Does not display the ability to get outside the pocket or scramble away from defenders. Lacks the big-time arm, cannot drive the throws or zip the outs.

The Verdict: McCoy has been a wonderful quarterback on the college level and led Texas the four years he was with the program. He's been incredibly productive yet benefited from the Longhorns spread offense, which enabled him to pick and choose his targets all over the field. McCoy has a terrific head on his shoulders yet lacks the arm strength and size to lead a team at the next level. He would be an asset on the sidelines and a signal caller who can see spot duty as a starter when necessary.

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