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Players React To Andy Reid's Return

As the Kansas City Chiefs travel for Thursday night's matchup, Andy Reid will be making his return to Philadelphia. Reid was the Eagles head coach for 14 seasons, leading the team to the playoffs nine times and securing an NFC Championship in 2004. Though the team is focused on preparing for the actual game on Thursday night, it is certainly true that Reid left his mark on his former players ...

Quarterback Michael Vick: "He's a great man. He's a great friend. I'm definitely going to stay in touch with him, probably for the rest of my life. He's a great a guy. … Andy Reid will go down in history in my book as one of the greatest coaches of all time and one of the greatest men I've ever met. … I'll definitely find some time to shake his hand and say a couple words to him (before the game). But in the interim, we have to play a football game. I don't think on his side or our side we can get caught up in the emotional aspect of it. We have to understand that we have football to play. … I'll never forget the opportunities that have been given to me by this organization, by Andy Reid. That'll never change. … But it's not me against Andy Reid, it's not us against Andy Reid, it's the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs. They have guys over there who are coming to play good football."

Running back LeSean McCoy: "Some of the good things that I can say about him - he's an excellent person. I think people don't realize how good of a person that he was. I think to the media he showed a different type of person, and to the players he was something else. He was a guy that made jokes and kind of got the best out of all of the players. No matter how bad things were going for the team, he always found a way to motivate us and get us to play. We definitely miss him, but it's football. It's a business."

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson: "It will be a little interesting seeing him on the other side wearing red, but we've got a game to play and a game to win. I wish him the best, but not for this game. It will be interesting - the energy and the excitement, everybody will be pumped up and ready to go. I feel like a lot of people who have been here since before Coach Reid and are still in the building feel a certain type of way that we can't just allow him to come in here and win this game. I think there's a little extra edge for everybody, just knowing what we need to do."

Wide receiver Jason Avant: "I'm pretty sure that it will be emotional for a lot of people. You hope that the fans give him a round of applause because he has definitely benefited the city of Philadelphia and brought a winner back to Philadelphia. He was very instrumental in that part. He deserves that, but hopefully we can go out there and play well against him and try to get a win."

Long snapper Jon Dorenbos: "He gave me a job when no one else would, back in 2006. He gave me an opportunity every year to compete. He obviously kept me around for seven years, which is awesome. The memories that I have of him and the memories that I have planned for him, what his family meant to my family and I, I'll forever be grateful. He'll forever in my mind be one of the greatest coaches that I've ever been around. I have a lot of respect for him, but I'm sure he'll understand that come Thursday night, he's the enemy. I'll probably talk to him after the game and hopefully say, 'Hey, tough loss but we'll see you again.' I hope the fans cheer him when he comes out and boos him when the game starts."

Linebacker Trent Cole: "It's going to be different, but at the same time it will be fun too. We're here to win, and he's coming here to win as well. This is Chip Kelly's team. … He'll get a great greeting from the fans. He was a winning coach when he was here, and I think he was a great coach."

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans: "It's definitely weird seeing him in red - different color, different team - but it's been proven that Coach Reid is a great coach. I wish him the best of luck, just not for this week."

Linebacker Brandon Graham: "It's going to be fun for me. I can't speak for everybody else, but this is going to be fun to get out there and get back after it and get back on this winning train. We can hug and all that later."

Cornerback Brandon Boykin: "It's going to be fun. I love Coach Reid. He definitely brought me here and I learned a lot under him and his staff. He instilled a lot of confidence in me last year, throwing me out there in the fire so to speak. It definitely made me better so now I guess I have to put the skills that he taught me to the test against him, so it will be fun"

Guard Todd Herremans: "Things happen like that. Players go to other teams and stuff like that. It's just like one of your friends getting traded or cut and picked up by somebody else. It will be different, but I don't imagine paying much attention to it. We're going to be playing a game."

Safety Kurt Coleman: "It's going to be a very passionate and energetic game. I think the fans hopefully give him a warm reception. He's done a lot for this city and I loved him as a coach, but as it is, he's the opponent. He's 'the other team' and we're going to go out there and play our best. We've got to go out there and get a win. We've got to turn this thing around."

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