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Philly's Own Frank Gumienny Returns To Radio Role


Born and raised in Philadelphia, being part of the Super Bowl as the Eagles' chief financial officer is special enough for Frank Gumienny. On Sunday, though, Gumienny will have a special assignment as he returns to a role he worked from 1999 to 2014: Serving as the spotter in the Eagles Radio Network booth with Merrill Reese and Mike Quick.

The need to move Anthony Bonagura, the broadcast team's usual road spotter, to the sidelines as part of his duties with the media relations team opened up a spot for Gumienny to watch Super Bowl LII in a unique way.

"It's amazing," said Gumienny, who will work a broadcast in Minneapolis for the first time, completing the 32-city tour of the NFL. "I have a lot of family coming to the game, but I've got so much nervous energy on gameday that this gives me a responsibility and I can still enjoy the game. I can alleviate some of the nerves during the game. I'm really excited."

Gumienny, who was in the booth for Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, takes about an hour to put together a board that provides information to Reese on the name, uniform number, height, and weight of the player involved on the field. He has a set of hand signals to convey to Reese the kind of play being run, or whether a pass was tipped, or who may have had a big block on a play.

"I'm there to help Merrill finish sentences with information," Gumienny said.

It is a total team effort in the radio booth in addition to Reese and Quick. They have Joe McPeak, another Philly born-and-bred guy who has overseen the production side of the broadcast since 1984. Lane Massey oversees the technical aspects of the broadcast. Reese and Quick have access to instant statistics.

"I have a great group of people around me," Reese said. "Frank will add to it and do a terrific job on Sunday."

Said Gumienny, who in an excitable moment in 2010 celebrated DeSean Jackson's punt return so much that he knocked Reese's eyeglasses off his face: "To be in there with Merrill and Mike, two awesome broadcasters and even bigger fans, is going to be special. My hope is to celebrate that moment and get down to the field and experience that. It's really a dream come true again. I'm so excited to experience this again."

The Eagles were back on the practice field at the University of Minnesota as they prepare for Super Bowl LII...

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