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Nate Sudfeld 'Confident' As He Takes Over Backup QB Role


And just like that, Nate Sudfeld moves from third string to the Eagles' backup quarterback.

Sudfeld, an original sixth-round pick in 2016, spent his rookie season in Washington on the practice squad with Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy on the active roster. After being released at the end of this year's preseason, he chose not to re-sign with the Redskins' practice squad and joined the Eagles' one instead.

Two months later, the Eagles promoted Sudfeld to the active roster after another team wanted to sign him. Against the Giants on Sunday, the 6-6, 227-pound Sudfeld will be on the active list for the first time after Carson Wentz's season-ending injury.

"I feel very confident," Sudfeld answered when asked about possibly running the offense. "I wasn't just sitting back just watching practice all year expecting to never play football. I was definitely getting ready in case something like this happened because that's my responsibility as a three to be ready to be a two because you're one play away and then one more play away."

As the backup, Sudfeld's responsibilities take a leap from where they were as a third-stringer. While he was always a full participant in the quarterbacks' 6 a.m. meetings that involved going through the plays, preparing for the opposing defenses, and the routine mental reps, Sudfeld had never received any practice reps with the scout team. During Wednesday's practice, Sudfeld had his first opportunity.

"It's a phenomenal offense, obviously we've got some great minds behind it. Very quarterback-friendly minds with (head coach) Doug (Pederson) having played quarterback and (quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo) Flip and (offensive coordinator) Frank (Reich) and down the list, so in that sense, it's been great," Sudfeld said.

"Obviously we're a very aggressive offense, we like to throw the ball but also run the ball – we're very balanced. It's an offense that any quarterback wants to be a part of so I'm excited to continue to get more reps and be ready if ever I'm called upon."

The 24-year-old offered to reporters that the overall scheme of the offense won't change much with Wentz out of the fold – though he noted Wentz's unparalleled playmaking ability – and like the rest of his teammates, Sudfeld expects the success to carry over with team's new No. 1 Nick Foles.

"Nick's a gunslinger man ... He can make every throw in the book," Sudfeld said. "He's just got a lot of calm swag about him. He's never rattled by any situation. He's the kind of guy if he makes a little mistake he'll turn around and smile and if he makes a big play he'll turn around and smile. Everybody knows he's passionate about the game and he's a big-time player."

Sudfeld has had the time on the sidelines and in the film room to soak up knowledge from both Wentz and Foles and, barring another unwelcomed injury, is the next man up at quarterback behind Foles.

"I've been kind of getting ready for this all year. Obviously really hurt for Carson though, a really unfortunate situation for him. We're such a close quarterback room and such a close locker room that it hurts to see anyone go down," Sudfeld commented. "At the same time that's why I was brought here and it's my responsibility to be ready and I will be."

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