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McGlynn Hopes To Make The Most Of His Opportunity

The offensive line will have a new front man come Sunday afternoon in Detroit. Replacing the injured Jamaal Jackson is third-year veteran Mike McGlynn, and to say that he's excited for the opportunity is an understatement. No one likes to get their opportunity through injury, but now that his time has come, McGlynn knows he must take advantage.

"It's a tough deal going through that because you don't know when it's going to come," McGlynn said on Tuesday in reference to the wait for his first start. "What I tried to do was stay positive, keep working every day. I knew eventually it would come and I would have to capitalize on it.

"This is my opportunity and I feel like I have something to prove."

McGlynn's success will be determined in large part by his ability to make adjustments on the fly. Detroit's Ford Field can get awfully loud, and the center will be required to make calls and change protection in a harsh environment. McGlynn feels that an off-season's worth of hard work will show on Sunday.

"I haven't had problems making the calls," McGlynn said. "We all are trained to make those calls. Jamaal's trained to do this and I'm trained the same way. It's not really that much of an issue."

Confidence goes a long way in the NFL, and McGlynn has plenty of it. But then again, who wouldn't have some confidence after making their first NFL catch?

That's right, McGlynn was in the game when a pass intended for LeSean McCoy was tipped high into the air. McGlynn leaped, and after securing the ball, barreled forward for a one-yard gain, in a play his friends now refer to as "the reception". McGlynn is just happy to have survived the play in one piece.

"I thought I was going to get blown up," McGlynn said. "Any time an offensive lineup jumps in the air, it's not a good thing."

McGlynn will get his first NFL start this weekend in Detroit. And the Eagles hope he'll secure his position as the team's starting center for the remainder of the season. While he's not an experienced player today, McGlynn is excited to get his first start under his belt.

"That experience is needed for me. The more and more experience I get, the quicker, faster and better I'll be."

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 3:55 p.m., September 15

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