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McCoy, Weaver Could Get More Carries

When Brian Westbrook was out for an extended period of time with post-concussion symptoms this season, LeSean McCoy and Leonard Weaver capably handled the rushing load for the Eagles.

On the season, McCoy has accounted for 637 rushing yards on 4.1 yards per carry and Weaver has rushed for 323 yards on 4.6 yards per carry. But in last week's 24-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Weaver and McCoy each had only one carry.

"I should have (run) the ball just a little bit more," said offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. "Even down by 14 or 17 (points), I guess, probably a little bit more.

"We had a plan last week and we tried to get back into the game, so we didn't really get to that plan for the three backs that we have that carry the football. I think it's a positive having Brian Westbrook back. I think Brian is a prime-time player, one of the elite players, when he is healthy, in this league still. I think that's a real positive for us."

Still, Weaver and McCoy could factor more into the game plan this week as the Eagles try to control more of the clock than they did last week when they held the ball for less than a third of the time. Against a Cowboys' defense that finished the regular season as fourth in the league in stopping the run, the Eagles will have to be stubborn in their efforts to move forward on the ground.

"My attitude is that whatever coach wants to do, coach wants to do," said Weaver. "I don't think we're going to have a problem with egos or individuals. I think we just need to focus on what we need to focus on and that's getting those guys the ball and allowing those guys to do what they can do."

McCoy agreed that the rotation among the three productive ball carriers will prove effective this Saturday night.

"I think it works out well for us, all of us splitting reps, showing the defense a different look and also keeping us all fresh," he said. "We all bring a lot of good things. Brian's Brian. Weaver's been helping us out and I've been doing a little bit."

McCoy, a rookie, is the only one of the rushing trio that has never been to the postseason.

"I'm just excited to go out there for my first playoff game," he said. "It's something I've kind of always looked forward to ever since I was little. It's different because we've played (the Cowboys) a couple times so it's not really a big surprise ... We kind of know what to look forward to in the team."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:50 p.m., January 6

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