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McCoy: Guys Get To You Faster Than In College

Rookie running back LeSean McCoy looked outstanding in the shorts and shells practices during the first four days of training camp. But the real question about the second-round draft pick was what would he look like when the pads went on?

At Friday morning's practice, McCoy's vision, quick-cut ability and elusiveness were still evident. His talent wasn't weighed down by the pads. But there were some areas where McCoy will need to improve, which was expected for the first full-contact practice.

"It's a lot different than I expected," McCoy said. "It's a lot faster, but the physical part, getting hit, that's kind of normal. The thing is guys get to you faster than in college."

McCoy said that the moves which dazzled defenders in college don't cut it in the NFL.

"It's my first day. I had to at least test the waters and see how it was going to be," McCoy said.

Last year, DeSean Jackson lost yardage on some punt returns because he used moves that worked in college that don't in the NFL. McCoy thinks he'll get that notion drilled into his head quickly, both figuratively and literally.

"I'll probably learn a little faster (than Jackson did)," McCoy said. "You get hit a certain amount of times, you learn your lesson."

The biggest transition for McCoy is the fact that he'll have to pass block, something he wasn't asked to do much of at Pitt. Even at times when he's not pass blocking, he'll at least have to chip a defensive end or a linebacker - something he didn't do at all in college.

"I got a whack to introduce me," McCoy said.

On one rep, McCoy lowered his head to utilize his force and make a block, but running backs coach Ted Williams quickly corrected him. You have to keep your head up so you can see what you are blocking.

Another rule McCoy forgot about what the kneel down rule. On one rep, McCoy slipped and his knee touched the ground. He thought the play was dead, which it would have been in college. That's not so in the NFL.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:48 p.m., July 31

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