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Lurie And Weiss Lurie Win Second Oscar

On a night of stars and bright lights, Jeffrey Lurie and Christina Weiss Lurie came up a winner again in Hollywood on Sunday.

Lurie and Weiss Lurie were executive producers of the documentary short Oscar winner "Inocente," a 40-minute film chronicling the life of a homeless high school girl in San Diego.

It is the second Oscar won by Lurie and Weiss Lurie, who earned the award as executive producers in 2010 for "Inside Job," a winner for best documentary.

While "Inside Job" took a hard look at the country's financial crisis of the 2000's, "Inocente" is a story about a 15-year-old immigrant, Inocente, who aspires to become an artist and shows great determination to reach her goal in the face of a bleak future.

"Inocente" was produced through Screen Pass Pictures, a non-profit established by Lurie and Weiss Lurie.

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