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LeGarrette Blount On Patriots: 'Last Year Is Last Year'


"I play for the Eagles. I don't play for the Patriots anymore," LeGarrette Blount told the wave of reporters who asked if he had any intel on his former team.

"I don't watch the Patriots anymore. I don't care about the Patriots. I focus on what we need to do to put us in the best position to win this game. I had a great time there last year, but last year is last year."

Blount's two Super Bowl rings during his stint with New England appear to be behind him. The offseason decision to join the Eagles has paid off as he finds himself aiming to pull off a rare feat - win back-to-back titles with different teams. When asked about his decision during free agency, he said he saw the opportunity to fill a void that would turn Philadelphia into a contender.

"The fact that, obviously they were 7-9 last year, I watch football so I felt like they were missing a couple of things obviously with the injury to Ryan (Mathews), and stuff like that, so I felt like they were missing a couple things and I feel like running back was one of them and obviously I thought Carson (Wentz) was a really special quarterback," Blount said.

During the postseason, Blount ranks among the NFL's elite with 10 career rushing touchdowns, good for seventh-most all time. He leads Philadelphia during this playoff run with two rushing touchdowns heading into the Super Bowl. If there's anyone who knows how to handle the chaotic atmosphere of the NFL's biggest week, it's Blount.

"There's going to be a lot of distractions, families, friends, you just have to put all that in the drawer, toss all of that aside for however long it takes us to prepare for this game and then worry about it afterward," he said. "That's the biggest thing. That's the biggest part of this whole process. (Don't) worry about everything that's going to cause you any kind of stress or emotional backup or whatever it might be and just put it away and just focus 100 percent on this game.

"I told the young guys this, you just have to be a professional. Control your emotions. As rookies, they haven't played, even National Championships, they still haven't played in a game this big, with this magnitude, so it's tough. We enjoyed our NFC Championship Game, but it's back to work. We know what we got to do. We know what we want to do and it's a long, 10 or 11 however many days until it comes. You just have to control the emotions and whenever the game starts just unleash them."

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