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Kolb Prepared If He Gets To Start

After taking the first-team snaps in practice all week, Kevin Kolb can't imagine being any more prepared for what would be his first NFL start this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

"Shoot," he said, "I've had about 12 people come up to me today and say you look as ready as you'll ever be. Now it's just getting out there and making sure it happens and keeping myself calm, and then go win a football game."

Donovan McNabb is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game with a fractured rib. Head coach Andy Reid said the decision on whether McNabb can play or not won't be made until Sunday, and that McNabb has improved every day since the fracture.

But Kolb is preparing as if he is definitely the starter.

"In my mind, I'm the starter," he said. "That's the way I have to think of it.

"Because if I do let that little bit of doubt in, then I might relax just a little bit, and I don't want to let that happen."

Reid said that his advice to Kolb this week has just been to be himself.

"That's everybody's words of advice," Kolb said. "They understand that we all have the ability to go out there and succeed. It's just letting all the other factors come in and have an effect on you, and you can't let that happen."

One focus of emphasis in practice this week has been getting the ball out quickly against a speedy Saints defense.

"It really has gotten a lot better this week," Kolb said. "We've tried to work on getting the ball out quick and no sacks. Sacks and penalties, they just set a drive back so much. And obviously, this being my first start, we can't afford that. So we've focused on that and hopefully we can do a good job on Sunday."

Kolb said that McNabb has been very supportive all week in practice.

McNabb's "let me do my thing and he's respectful," Kolb said. "He's the number one cheerleader. He wants everybody to do well, including myself. So if there was a good throw, you know he was the first one screaming."

A third-year veteran, Kolb admitted that even though he feels very well-prepared, he's still a little anxious to finally hit the field as a starter.

"It's the sitting in the hotel room, waiting for it to come that's the hardest part," Kolb said. "From now until when we get out onto the field will be the hard part.

"Thank God it's not a late game."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 3:46 p.m., September 18

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