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Kolb, Bradley Would Be Eligible If Healthy

There has been some debate whether Kevin Kolb or Stewart Bradley would even be allowed, regardless of health, to play next Sunday against the Lions after each player suffered a concussion against the Packers.

The NFL did release stricter guidelines regarding how teams handle concussions in December. If a player suffers a concussion, he should not return that same day to practice or the game. Kolb and Bradley were both injured in the second quarter. Both players were evaluated on the sidelines and returned to the game.

"All of the questions that they answered with the doctors registered well, but as it went on, they weren't feeling well, so we took them out," said head coach Andy Reid.

At halftime, it was determined after further evaluation that each player suffered a concussion. Neither player returned after halftime.

Reid said after the game that Kolb would start next Sunday against the Lions if he's healthy and as long as he and Bradley are cleared by team doctors and an independent neurological consultant.

"Once removed for the duration of a practice or game, the player should not be considered for return-to-football activities until he is fully asymptomatic, both at rest and after exertion, has a normal neurological examination, normal neuropsychological testing, and has been cleared to return by both his team physician(s) and the independent neurological consultant," said the NFL in a statement last December regarding concussions.

But there is no rule automatically ruling out either player because of the concussions.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:15 a.m., September 13

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