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Keys To The Game

If the Eagles are going to sweep the Washington Redskins, here are the keys to an Eagles win Sunday ...

  • Get a hat on a hat – Washington got the best of our offensive line in the first game. They outplayed us and the Eagles compounded that by missing assignments. Our line is much better right now and needs to win the battle up front.
  • Limit Rock – Not long ago Rock Cartwright was third on the depth chart. Now he's the starting running back. We need to shut him down. Some people may think that will be an easy task because he's a backup. The Colts used a backup's backup on us in 2002 and James Mungro ran wild. Our run defense needs to be good.
  • Go for a drive – We haven't done a good job of sustaining drives against Washington in the last few meetings. Big plays are great, but we must be able to string together at least a couple of drives. Last week, we moved the ball on long drives so hopefully that success will carry over to this game.
  • Look deep – Santana Moss isn't having a great year, but he is still a dangerous weapon. Our cornerbacks aren't completely healthy. Any pass that Moss catches could turn into a big play. Free safety Sean Jones has to take good angles in pursuit and make sure that we don't give up any long touchdowns. Make a struggling offense like Washington's fight for every touchdown.
  • Feed LeSean – The coaches stuck with the run last week. The line blocked well and McCoy had his best game so far. Offenses are more consistent and successful when a running back gets regular touches. A good game from McCoy will help us sustain drives and put the Eagles in position to win.
  • Inside pressure – We always want to bring the heat on opposing quarterbacks. This week it would be advantageous to do that right up the middle. That can come from interior linemen or from blitzers attacking the middle. Jason Campbell isn't comfortable with guys coming right at him. One advantage we'll have is that Washington will have a backup taking over at the right guard spot. A well-disguised blitz could prove to be very effective.

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-- Posted by Tommy Lawlor, 2:09 p.m., November 28

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