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Keeping An Eye On 4 P.M. Trade Deadline

Recalling the absurdity of the off-season, with all of the moves and the day-to-day rumors, it comes as no surprise that as today's 4 p.m. NFL trade deadline nears, the rumors are hot and heavy that some of the teams struggling to date are welcoming all offers. Teams are juggling rosters and trimming cap space. There is a buzz in the air. What does that mean, potentially, for the Eagles?

It could mean nothing. Then again, it could be significant. The Eagles, I'm sure, are having conversations behind the closed doors here at the NovaCare Complex. They do every day. They talk to other teams every single day of the year, but on this day there is a special meaning.

Last year, you'll remember, the Eagles were reportedly interested in then-Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, who ended up not being traded until this past off-season. The Eagles were among a small group of teams reportedly talking about trading a high draft pick to Kansas City for the star tight end, who was dealt to Atlanta in the spring.

The whopper of a deadline-day trade was Dallas' acquisition of wide receiver Roy Williams from Detroit in exchange for a bundle of draft picks -- a first-round pick this past April, along with third- and sixth-round picks in the same draft. It was a headline-grabbing move that many believed would nudge the Cowboys closer to a Super Bowl last year. Having Williams, teamed with Terrell Owens, gave Dallas the most explosive set of wide receivers in the NFL.

We know how it worked out, at least for the 2008 campaign. Williams fizzled, Dallas faltered and ended up missing the playoffs. Detroit, meanwhile, took tight end Brandon Pettigrew with the 20th pick in the first round and are waiting for him to emerge. Detroit, of course, has a massive rebuilding process ahead.

This year, there have already been trades. Chicago gave up a second-round draft pick to Tampa Bay for underachieving defensive end Gaines Adams. Carolina acquired defensive tackle Tank Tyler from Kansas City in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick.

There seems like there is more to come. New England cut a handful of players to clear cap space, and the speculation is rampant. Tampa Bay is talking about moving players.

The Eagles? Quiet so far. The team has a smidgen of space within the salary cap should they make a move. They have plenty of draft picks to work with, should they should to do so. They have options. They are far from needing to make a move today.

But it is an intriguing scenario out there. A lot of teams are having lousy seasons and are in "sell now" mode. It makes sense to window shop. In a matter of hours, we will know if a store browsing session turns into something concrete. Four o'clock is the deadline. Tick, tock, as all shoppers are facing a major deadline.

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