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Jeannie Pederson: 'Life Has Changed' Since Super Bowl

  • Since winning the Super Bowl in February, Jeannie and Doug Pederson have seen their lives change ... for the good. The dream continues for the Pederson family.

LAKE TAHOE, NEVADA - Life has changed for Doug and Jeannie Pederson since the Eagles won the Super Bowl on February 4. There is so much more attention, so many more people pawing at the Eagles' head coach for his time, a lot of acclaim for a down-to-earth family man.

"Oh, it's been great, a dream. That's what it feels like, a dream," Jeannie Pederson said as she watched Doug in a practice round of golf ahead of this weekend's American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament. "And, we got the fairy-tale ending, so you just enjoy everything that goes with it. We've had different opportunities to do things that we might never have done otherwise.

"It's just been awesome."

From the whirlwind last minutes of the 41-33 win over New England on February 4 to now, the Pedersons have been on the go. Doug and Jeannie watched the television broadcast of the game at home after arriving back in Philadelphia the following day, living and dying with every moment.

"I was too nervous to watch the game while I was there, so it was fun seeing it and enjoying it," she said. "Even though I knew how it ended, I was still nervous."

Doug and Jeannie have known each other since Jeannie was 16 years old, and she says that her husband "has incredible positive energy and always has had it. If he's ever tired, he doesn't show it."

Jeannie says that the reaction from the fans since Pederson became the Eagles' head coach after the 2015 season ended has been greatly appreciated. She lauds the fans' passion and loyalty and love of the team.

"Really, from the time we came back to Philadelphia from Kansas City, it's been amazing. I'll go back to saying this: It's been like a dream come true and we are enjoying every bit of it," Jeannie said. "Doug keeps everything in check. He works hard but still, he makes his family his No. 1 priority always. Sharing in this experience, it's been exciting. Life has changed a lot since the Super Bowl. Before, we used to go out for dinner or to the movies and people would recognize Doug, but they kept a distance.

"Now, people can't wait to tell Doug about their Super Bowl experiences and what it meant to them. That's what really makes it special. Doug is so gracious to the fans, and he's so grateful that they love the Eagles so much. We say this all the time: Without the fans, there would be no Doug Pederson as head coach. He knows that, and he respects that."

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