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It's Wait And See With Westbrook

Head coach Andy Reid was non-committal on running back Brian Westbrook's status for Sunday's game against the Giants, although he hinted that it could come down to gameday.

"I know Brian's going to want to play," Reid said. "But unless Brian's tests come back to where they're in a position where he can play, then we won't do that. He is making progress. It's a matter of time. We'll just see how he does this week. We'll see what the tests show."

Westbrook suffered a concussion Monday night when he took a knee to the helmet. He did not practice Wednesday.

Head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder, one of two trainers on the NFL's committee on concussions, said Westbrook has a "mild" headache right now and that must clear up before the running back can move forward with next phase of treatment.

"Mild to me is okay, but he still has a headache," said Burkholder. "When that clears, the next step is you take him through an exercise program so you get his heart rate up. Does that make his symptoms worse? If it doesn't make his symptoms worse, then you go to the next step, which is you start to do some football-type drills where you get balance and footwork and change in direction. If that goes well, then you return him to practice. Then, if that goes well you return him to a game.

"It's all symptoms and it's how do they return from their symptoms [and] when they do, can they take the next challenge? Can they take the next challenge? Can they take the next challenge? Where are we game-time wise? And that's exactly what we'll do with Brian."

Burkholder agreed that the short week of preparation could affect Westbrook's recovery and subsequent availability.

Burkholder said he is in constant contact with the running back as well as team internist Dr. Gary Dorshimer, who took over Westbrook's case once he came off the field Monday night. He also said Westbrook has and will continue to go through the standard impact tests that are common for players that sustain a concussion. The league has mandated that everybody has these neuropsychological tests. Burkholder and his staff have baselines on all of the players, meaning that they have tested guys before they start contact.

"He was tested yesterday and he'll be tested again today. We'll continue to look at his [tests] until he gets back to baseline," Burkholder said. "Once we get that back and the symptoms calm down then we'll do the exercise challenge. Right now we are in that period, which is normal for him to have a headache and his scores aren't quite high enough yet. They will come back. This is a normal course for almost every one of our players that has a concussion. We're not going to let him progress to the next level until it (headache) goes away. He's not fighting me right now to play.

"When Brian Westbrook is ready to play again, we'll have him out there."

In other early news Wednesdaty ... A foot sprain sidelined Jackson for Wednesday's workout. End Darren Howard (ankle) and defensive backs Macho Harris (ankle) and Dimitri Patterson (quad) were also not expected to practice. Receiver Kevin Curtis, defensive end Victor Abiamiri and linebacker Omar Gaither have been ruled out for the Giants game.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 12:15 p.m., October 28; updated 1:28 p.m.

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