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Ikegwuonu Set To Prove Himself After Missing '08 took a ride from cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu to the practice fields Tuesday morning to get an inside look at the lives of players during training camp. It's a feature that we'll unveil on Wednesday's Training Camp Live!

During the trip, we talked to Ikegwuonu about everything from his morning routine - he sets everything he needs the night before to maximize his sleeping time - to what he eats for breakfast - not much on a morning of practice, a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich that he won't finish and a Gatorade - to what he thinks about on the ride through the gorgeous terrain of the Lehigh Valley on the way to the practice fields - he has "Entourage" and "Lost" on his DVD player to take his mind off of football.

We also asked him about the fans and he said that he's out here to impress them just as much as the coaches.

"They come out here to support us and it's not like this at any other place," Ikegwuonu said. "You obviously want to impress the coaches, but this is also your chance to impress the fans as well."

A fourth-round pick in 2008, Ikegwuonu missed all of his rookie season after tearing his ACL while preparing for the scouting combine. He was projected to be a late-first, early-second round pick before the injury. Ikegwuonu plays with a physical style that would remind Eagles fans of Al Harris.

- Posted by Chris McPherson, 8:31 a.m., July 28

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