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Howie Roseman embraces 'fresh start' with opportunities abound

Howie Roseman
Howie Roseman

INDIANAPOLIS – Howie Roseman sees opportunities to rebuild the 2024 Philadelphia Eagles. That's the way the team is thinking now as it prepares for the NFL's new business year. The legal conversations with agents for potential free agents starts on March 11. Free agency begins two days after that. The NFL Draft is in late April

It's "go" time.

"That's how we're approaching things," said Roseman, the Eagles' general manager after he spoke at the NFL Scouting Combine on Tuesday. "We know what we have on this roster. We know we have a chance to add some really good players to what we already have, and that's exciting.

"We have a lot of work to do, there's no question about that. That's the way it is in the National Football League. Last season didn't end the way we wanted, so we have our work cut out for us and there is no other group I'd rather have with me making this happen."

The Eagles have their first-round draft pick, No. 22 overall, plus a pair of second-round picks (Nos. 50 and 53) and that gives them three selections among the first 53 draft picks. They have, at this moment, eight picks in all, and are expected to have another four compensatory picks from the league and that could include an additional third-round pick.

Opportunities. Opportunities.

"We are going to have our plan in place with free agency and with the Draft," Roseman said. "We also have a lot of young talent on this roster – if you look at our offense, we have Jalen Hurts, who is young, our receivers are still young, we have some good, young talent up front and Dallas (Goedert) at tight end is still relatively young.

"We have young defensive tackles that we're really high on and we have other players who we expect to make a big jump. We've added some players from the time the season ended who we're going to get a good look at. We're going to have competition. That's the goal – have as much competition at every position as we possibly can.

"We're looking forward and we're in talent-acquisition mode so we are looking at every position and saying, 'How can we get better there?' We're going to look at every avenue to build. We're going to be aggressive – free agents, trade, Draft. The signings we've done, we're excited about them.

"We have some new coaches and it's a fresh start. That's how we are looking at thing and it's an exciting time for us. It's a competitive league and we know where we want to be."

Time moves quickly. The 2024 campaign is upon us and the Eagles are approaching it with optimism, energy and the understanding that they have a chance to get a whole lot better in a short period of time.

"We have a lot to work with and some capital that we can use," Roseman said. "We have to hit on our decisions. We have to keep moving in the right direction and work together and get back on track. That's the challenge. We're excited about that challenge."

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