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How Will Eagles Deal With Hype After Amazing Start?


The Eagles soared their way to No. 2 overall in NFL Network’s Power Rankings this week. Tied for the league's best record at 5-1, the Eagles sit behind the Chiefs who the Eagles went chest to chest with until the final quarter earlier this season.

Head coach Doug Pederson has an arduous task ahead of him following Thursday's win on the road against Carolina. He must keep his players from feeding into the media hype surrounding the team and have them focused on Monday night's showdown with the Washington Redskins.

Well, it seems like his players got the memo.

TE Zach Ertz

"We've still got 10 games so not putting too much stock into it. Our goal every week is to go 1-0 and that's all we're focused on. Hopefully, by the end of the year, it's enough to get into the playoffs.

"We were 3-1 last year so obviously that didn't play out too well for us. I think that's in the back of everyone's mind. We're just focused on the Redskins this week."

WR Alshon Jeffery

"All we've got to do is control what we can control and stay focused on what we're doing and that'll take care of the rest. We've just got to continue to work on each other and stay connected with each other."

RB LeGarrette Blount, two-time Super Bowl winner

"A big part of it is making sure you ignore the noise. Don't listen to the outsiders. Everything that is in-house stays in-house and just make sure that you lock in and know that everybody that you see on TV isn't in your corner.

"We know what we've been doing to get to this point. We know what it takes so we just have to buy in to continue to do that and continue to do everything it takes for us to continue to win the games."

WR Torrey Smith, 2012 Super Bowl champion

"You don't focus on your record too much. You focus on trying to win the next game and obviously they all add up."

DT Tim Jernigan

"I'm not surprised at all. I knew that we had talent coming into the season and more than that I knew the work that we put in on the field, in the weight room, and away from football. Guys really bought in and the biggest thing now is not get complacent with 5-1 because things can change fast.

"We've got 10 guaranteed games left and we have to focus on that."

CB Jalen Mills

"It feels great especially having most of our games on the road and coming from last year where we lost every road game. Just going on the road and being a better team than our opponent. It feels good."

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