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Headlines: Kicking Off The Combine

Good morning, Eagles fans! It's ferociously blustery out there today, which means you'd better stay inside and keep tabs on the NFL Combine. We've got you covered with wall-to-wall coverage of the Combine, and much more, in our latest headlines ...


Our Chris McPherson was live on location at the Combine yesterday with the latest news, and he'll be there again today.

The Eagles named Brian Smith the new assistant linebackers coach.

A flashback to the 1995 NFL Combine, and an amazing performance from one standout prospect.

We're officially 70 days -- just 10 touchdowns! -- away from the NFL Draft. Can you guess which Eagle piled up 70 tackles this year?


A running collection of the latest sights from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, where the top college recruits showcase their skills for coaches and scouts.


Other Views

Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that hiring Ed Marynowitz was a great move the Birds.

Taking a look at the odds of the Eagles pulling off a trade for a high Draft pick.

Notes and nuggets from the first day of the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Ranking the last 15 Eagles seasons, including some legendary touchdowns and dominations.

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