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Headlines: Free Agency Bearing Down

Welcome to another wonderful week, Eagles fans! With free agency just around the corner and the sun starting to shine, we've got plenty to talk about. The exciting parts of the offseason are barrelling towards us as we speak. Need to stay up to date? Here are the latest headlines ...


Recapping 2014 and getting ready for an even better 2015 from wide receiver Jordan Matthews.

Our free agency previews begin with a long, hard look at the defensive line.

The countdown to the Draft continues to roll on; with 59 days to go, let's talk about the best No. 59 in Eagles history.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said Saturday that he's still very hopeful about getting a deal done.


Even in an outstanding rookie wide receiver class, Jordan Matthews shined. View some of his best photos ...


Other Views

Analyzing the Eagles' defensive scheme, which seems to be the right one for the team.

Taking a look at a couple of free agent possibilities for the Birds to peruse before free agency begins.

The latest in the never-ending carousel of mock drafts, this time including a cornerback and a quarterback.

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