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Glazer: Maclin Cleared To Play

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is in the clear and expected back on the football field soon after a scare with Lymphoma, a type of cancer, according to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer. In an interview with Glazer, Maclin said that he's been cleared to resume football activities once he recovers from a procedure last week to remove lymph nodes.

"That's first and foremost, I want everyone to know I'm fine, I'm healthy," Maclin told Glazer. "I was tested for everything and every single test came back negative … I was being tested for lymphoma and thank God everything has come back negative.

"I wanted my privacy on the this until I had answers. I don't like to talk unless I have all the answers about what I'm talking about. It was frustrating to hear all the rumors about me. It wasn't until this morning that I finally got my final answer and thankfully I'm healthy and ready to return to football."

According to Glazer, Maclin underwent a series of tests and procedures throughout the offseason after suffering rapid weight loss, iron anemia and irregular blood test results. The possibility of Lymphoma was first raised, according to Glazer, on Maclin's birthday, May 11.

"That's nothing anyone ever wants to hear," Maclin told Glazer. "That's a hard time - the thought that at any given time you can get that call that they found cancer. It was eating away at me and it was hard for me to hide. I wanted to keep it private until I knew for sure what was going on and the Eagles were amazing. They were one of the only ones who knew. My relationship with them is more than professional. They were like family during this." will have more on Maclin's status later tonight. Read Glazer's full story here.

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