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Friday Morning Headlines

With a lot of Eagles fans making travel plans for the Memorial Day Weekend, here's an early start on what's being written about the Eagles on this Friday, May 23 ...

How many undrafted players end up on NFL rosters? Will any longshots emerge for the Eagles?

Rookie Carey Spear discusses his Murderleg nickname and the competition for the kicker job.

In an effort to teach the rookies about the city, the players went on a scenic bus tour.

Worth a re-post: wide receiver Josh Huff explains how Chip Kelly is a father figure.

Other Views

A powerful in-depth feature on Alejandro Villanueva's tours of duty in Afghanistan.

TheMMQB featured one of the most iconic images in NFL history: linebacker Chuck Bednarik's legendary hit on Frank Gifford. For another perspective, here's Ray Didinger's column from last season about "The Hit."

Running back LeSean McCoy avoids the Madden curse.

After the offseason, how do the Eagles compare to the other NFC contenders?

How would you grade the Eagles' offseason?

Just another reason why Eagles fans will love nose tackle Beau Allen.

First it was Mock Drafts, now it's 53-man roster projections.

How does the NFL's decision to put a Super Bowl in Minnesota affect the Eagles?

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