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Former GM: Kolb Worth More Than A First

Of course, the question was asked regarding quarterback Kevin Kolb. The biggest story of the offseason outside of the labor situation has been where will Kolb play in 2011? It is prudent for the Eagles to keep him as the backup to Michael Vick? Or should the Eagles improve the team with the bounty that they will receive in return from another team?

NFL Network's Charley Casserly, a two-time Super Bowl-champion general manager, believes that with the NFL Draft now in the rear-view mirror Kolb's trade value has only increased. Casserly believes the Eagles should receive more than a first-round pick for the veteran quarterback.

Casserly's reasoning is simple.

"If you don't have (a quarterback), you can't play," he said.

Four teams used a first-round pick this year on a quarterback who has never thrown an NFL pass. Kolb has already won two NFC Offensive Player of the Week awards. The most recent was last season in his masterful three-touchdown performance in a rout of the eventual AFC South-champion Falcons. Another team, the 49ers, dealt a second-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a fifth-round pick for a rookie second-round quarterback.

Look back in recent years at what teams have done to get a quarterback. The Jets traded a first-round pick, a second-round pick and three veteran players in 2009 for Mark Sanchez, who at the time had never thrown an NFL pass and had limited college experience. Baltimore dealt a first, a third and a sixth in 2008 for rookie Joe Flacco, who didn't even finish his college career at a Division I school.

Kolb is only 26 years old and already has NFL wins under his belt. With the time needed for a rookie quarterback to learn a new scheme potentially limited by the work stoppage, it will be a plus for a team to have a veteran who can come in and know what it takes to lead a team immediately.

Where will Kolb end up exactly? NFL Network's panel of experts took their shot at the landing spot for Kolb:

Casserly: "Clearly Arizona is at the top of the list, Seattle is a close second ... Arizona was in the playoffs two years ago with a veteran quarterback and they have a Hall of Fame wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald."

Pat Kirwan: "The longer the lockout goes, the more valuable Kolb is to a team because he has experience, particularly in a West Coast offense. Ultimately, he will likely be with an NFC West team that gave up a first-round pick, a later-round pick and a veteran player."

Bucky Brooks: "Although Seattle and San Francisco would also be good landing spots, Arizona seems like the right place for Kolb to take his game to the next level."

Vic Carucci: "The Cardinals have enough of the right pieces to jump back into contention except for one: Quarterback. The Cardinals have absolutely no answer at quarterback. That hardly puts them in exclusive company, but it will motivate them to be fairly aggressive in making a trade to acquire Kolb."

Charles Davis: "Seahawks would love to have a veteran quarterback with minimal mileage and some nice NFL production in the fold."

Steve Wyche: "The Eagles are about winning championships, so they won't move him unless they get a primo offer. That said, Arizona and Seattle seem set to get into the sweepstakes, with the Cardinals poised to possibly throw out the biggest deal."

Michael Lombardi: "That pick acquired by Cleveland (Atlanta's first-round in 2012) might be the one needed to acquire Kevin Kolb and reunite him with the man who was responsible for drafting him, Browns general manager Tom Heckert."

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