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Ertz Reacts To Blatter Resignation


Outside of Jordan Matthews campaigning to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger to Nelson Agholor's Danny DeVito, the biggest news in the sports world Tuesday was the announcement of FIFA president Sepp Blatter's future resignation (we'll still believe it when see it).

While the Eagles have a few former soccer players in the locker room, Mychal Kendricks chief among them, there is an even better go-to source when it comes to news about the other football. Tight end Zach Ertz's longtime girlfriend is Julie Johnston, one of the key members of the United States Women's National Team. So he's pretty plugged in.

"Oh, wow," Ertz said, when informed of the breaking news. "I mean, (Johnston) will be shocked. I think it's good for FIFA as a whole that there's going to be some transparency throughout the organization. There was a big thing with all the officials getting arrested and I think that's a bad look for soccer as a whole. I'm assuming all the girls and guys would say the same thing."

A bad look indeed.

As for Ertz, he'll take advantage of the time off following minicamp in a few weeks to support Johnston and the rest of the stars and stripes. The Eagles break camp on June 18, which gives Ertz time to trek up to Canada in time for the start of the group stage. The United States opens its group stage play on June 8.

"They left today to go to Canada and then I'll be at the first game – hopefully they advance past the group stage – and I'll be at the first game after that," Ertz said. "Ever since we started dating I kind of fell in love with the sport of soccer, obviously having someone who's a very good performer at that. So it's fun going out there and supporting somebody. Soccer's kind of new to me but I played it growing up and it's a lot of fun going there and watching her do something that she loves as well."


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