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Eagles win New Era NFC Equipment Staff of the Year Award

There is competition in every corner of the NFL and the area of equipment is no exception. The Eagles' equipment staff, then, was thrilled to hear the news that it was named the New Era NFC Equipment Staff of the Year for the 2019 NFL season.

A win is a win is a win …

"This is a team effort that includes Ed Miller, Craig Blake, and Peter Gould. We're on the same page making sure that the players and coaches are wearing what we issue them each day – in practice, during the preseason, throughout the regular season, and the playoffs," said Vice President of Equipment Operations Greg Delimitros. "We're on top of that. It's a true honor for my staff and me to know that people are watching how we dress the players, the coaches, and the staff each week. Everything is under the microscope."

This isn't the first honor for Delimitros, who was named the co-winner of the NFL's annual Whitey Zimmerman Equipment Manager of the Year Award for the 2016 season. It's more than Delimitros, of course. The Eagles have a dedicated staff that works long hours and keeps everything from the locker room to the practice field running smoothly, and no group works more on gamedays and nights.

Being recognized is just icing on the cake. Their reward is having the chance to enjoy the honor that includes being awarded a pro-wrestling-style championship belt.

"I think we just work great together and love being part of this organization," said Delimitros, who has been with the team since 2004. "We're doing something that is part of the team effort. We're here to do our part."

The Buffalo Bills won the AFC New Era Equipment Staff of the Year, based on a specific criterion of points gained when players and coaches wear the correct New Era sideline hats. Teams receive points for wearing the correct product based on the time of season and type of game. Points are deducted for teams that are wearing the wrong caps or visors. In season, each team can earn up to 10 points a game. The award started in 2014.

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