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Eagles provided the perfect fit for James Bradberry

James Bradberry
James Bradberry

Ultimately, it came down to the team. To the fit. To the most important variable for James Bradberry as he pondered the next steps in his NFL career.

And the Eagles were the best fit. Bradberry attracted a lot of attention as the legal negotiating period began in NFL free agency because, of course, he's one of the top cornerbacks in the league. He decided to remain with the Eagles on a three-year contract, which he signed on Friday at the NovaCare Complex, because of the team and everything that goes with it.

And that includes you, Eagles fans.

"It was fun, and I signed on day one (agreed to terms on Wednesday, when the 2023 business year opened) because I figured out during the (negotiating) period what I wanted to do. Of course, I had some other offers on the table, trying to go back and forth to see what was the right fit. The numbers were around the same for the most part so I knew I was going to make quite a bit of money so I wasn't really worried about the money, so it ultimately came down to the team.

"I felt like the Eagles were the best fit for me as far as team. Last year it was really, really fun. We won a lot of games. There were a lot of emotions. I played with some great guys. I started some great relationships as far as off the field. We had great coaches and they took care of us. Things went the right way, for the most part. I don't have any complaints about last year, other than we lost the last game.

"The city (fans), they showed a lot of love. Not only on gameday, but throughout the week. I would see fans out shopping, at the restaurants and stuff, and they showed us a lot of love."

Bradberry is excited to run it back with his cornerback mate, Darius Slay, who signed his contract extension at the NovaCare Complex on Friday. The Eagles made it clear they wanted Bradberry to return and that was important.

It was a mutual thing, then. Both sides wanted to remain a family.

"It made me feel great. It feels good anytime you're wanted," he said. "Of course, to be wanted by a team that you tried to play well for, you gave a great effort for, and it was the last team I was with, so it shows a lot, means a lot, and I'm glad to be back.

"I'm glad to have Slay back. He's not only a good teammate; he's also a good friend off the field. What he brings to the table, I feel like it helps me and I feel like what I bring to the table helps him. We're different corners and we're both really, really good at what we do. We're able to match up against certain offenses because we do different things and we do different things well."

The next step for Bradberry, who played his first four NFL seasons in Carolina, then two with the Giants in New York, and then played last season on the one-year contract: Establish some roots in this area. He's going to be here for some time.

"I definitely feel that way," he said. "I signed a three-year deal and I am definitely ready to sow some roots down. This feels good."

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