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Eagles Have Tough Road Ahead

As the Eagles lick their wounds following their disappointing 13-9 loss in Oakland last weekend and prepare for a playoff push at 3-2, there's one piece of bad news - the games won't be getting any easier.

The combined record of the Eagles' first five opponents this season is 10-18, good for a .357 winning percentage. On the other hand, the Eagles' final 11 opponents on the schedule currently have a combined record of 38-22 (.633). The Eagles only play two more teams who currently have losing records, the Washington Redskins (twice) and the San Diego Chargers (2-3).

There are a few pieces of good news, however, if you look deeper into the numbers. The Eagles will be getting the better teams on their slate at home as opposed to the road. The winning percentage of their five home opponents left is .714, as opposed to the .563 winning percentage of their six road opponents.

The other main silver lining in the strength of schedule is that it ranks third among the four NFC East teams. The Redskins have the toughest road ahead, going up against teams with a combined winning percentage of .679, which follows the Redskins' abysmal opening schedule of teams' with a combined .257 winning percentage.

The division-leading Giants have a slightly more difficult schedule to finish the year, based on current records, than the Eagles. Their upcoming opponents' winning percentage is .642, boosted by a season-closing trip to Minneapolis to play the 6-0 Vikings.

The Cowboys round it out with a schedule of teams that sport a .550 combined winning percentage (33-27), after opening up 3-2 against the toughest competition in the division.

One thing's for certain, if the Eagles are going to play their way into the postseason, they'll have to earn it.

Eagles Giants Cowboys Redskins
Record of Opponents' Played 10-18 (.357) 13-21 (.382) 14-15 (.483) 9-26 (.257)
Upcoming Opponents' Record 38-22 (.633) 34-19 (.642) 33-27 (.550) 36-17 (.679)
Home Opponents' Record 20-8 (.714) 17-13 (.566) 15-18 (.455) 22-5 (.815)
Away Opponents' Record 18-14 (.563) 17-6 (.739) 18-9 (.667) 14-12 (.538)

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4.12 p.m., October 21

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