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Eagles draft LB Shaun Bradley with the 196th overall pick

Linebacker Shaun Bradley's new locker room is just a few feet down the hall from his collegiate one.

The Temple product was selected by the Eagles with the 196th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

"Man, it was unbelievable. It was a totally unbelievable moment. I was in complete shock. I couldn't even cry at first," Bradley said. "I was just stuck staring at the screen, and then all the tears came out and my family was cheering. Oh, man, it was just a great feeling."

The 6-1, 235-pound senior is from Mount Holly, New Jersey and was a three-year starter at middle linebacker for the Owls racking up 256 tackles, 22 for loss, eight pass deflections, three forced fumbles, and three interceptions. He earned a single-digit jersey number, which is given to the nine toughest players on the team.

"I'm really excited. I've grown to love the Linc and the Philly area in general, even the fans as well. I know all the dips and the crevices in the field. I know everything. I'm going to be ready to go," Bradley said. "My mom was excited. My dad was hyped. My dad is a Giants fans and he put an Eagles jersey immediately on. It's crazy."

It was at Lincoln Financial Field where Bradley made his signature play, a fourth-down, goal-line stop against No. 21 Maryland that kept the Terps from taking the lead in the fourth quarter. The Owls held on the for upset as Bradley set a new career high with three tackles for loss.

"They put up like 65 points in the first two games total, so I made a goal-line stop in that game at the end of that game," Bradley said. "The energy in the stadium, it was just an eruption and I just felt it all through my body. It was a crazy moment. Something I'll never forget, honestly."

Following the Eagles, Bradley is already familiar with the team, but he had a valuable ally vouching for him. His agent is former Eagles linebacker Barry Gardner, a second-round pick in 1999 who is a former teammate of Head Coach Doug Pederson.

"He's been there for me from the jump. Been thorough and honest with me. He told me he talked to Coach Pederson. And said the same things. Just keep talking to him about me," Bradley said of Gardner.

"He said Coach Pederson really liked me and things like that. They've always been there, man. And Barry has done a great job of keeping that connection open and staying on top of people. It was an honor. Barry playing for the Eagles knowing that he has some type of connection there definitely helped for sure."

Bradley played running back and defensive back at Rancocas Valley High School. He took classes at Rowan and Burlington County in the fall of 2015 because the Owls were out of scholarships. Bradley joined the Temple program as part of the 2016 recruiting class.

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