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Eagles Cheerleaders First To Be Outfitted In Technological Sponge Suit




A cutting-edge "Sponge Suit" that has the unique ability to clean the ocean by absorbing harmful oil-based contaminants as you swim will be prominently featured in the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Swimsuit Calendar, which went on sale today.

The Sponge Suit was designed by Eray/Carbajo, an architecture and design studio based in New York and Istanbul, with technology engineered by Sponge, Inc. The prototype was created using a super-hydrophobic carbon based "sponge" material fitted into a cutting-edge 3D printed form. This environmentally proactive wearable technology has the ability to absorb harmful oil-based contaminants, while repelling water. The contaminants are trapped within the inner pores of the material so that the wearer does not come in contact with it. The design allows to recycle the saturated "sponge" fillers to refill with new inserts.

The highly anticipated 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar can be purchased here, at Eagles Pro Shops starting this Thursday, and in bookstores nationwide.

Wearing the Sponge Suit on the cover of this year's calendar is Snow Feng, a four-year veteran of the squad. Snow is a physician assistant who earned a B.S. degree in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an M.S. degree in physician assistant studies from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is fluent in three languages – Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

While shooting the 2018 calendar in the Dominican Republic, the squad dedicated time to the surrounding community by focusing their efforts on regions identified as in need of access to clean water. The Eagles Cheerleaders provided the Village of Cajuil and Macao La Ceiba with access to clean water through the delivery, assemblage, and demonstration of portable water filtration systems. The filters supplied can provide 5,000 people with clean water for five years. They partnered with Waves For Water – a program that works to provide clean water to communities in need around the world – on bringing the filters to these two regions.

"As a professional sports team, we have a unique platform to serve as sustainability leaders through our ongoing Go Green efforts and commitment to the environment," said Christina Weiss Lurie, President Eagles Charitable Foundation, Eagles Social Responsibility. "Having the opportunity to help enhance the quality of life for residents of the Dominican Republic was a rewarding and educational experience for us. We believe that these innovative water filtration systems, along with the creativity seen in the Sponge Suit, will ignite conversation about the environment and further raise awareness."

Access to clean water improves one's overall health and well-being, reduces poverty and empowers communities. A former Eagles Cheerleader and six-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Rachel Washburn, most recently joined the Clean Water Corps of Waves for Water as a Clean Water Ambassador and worked with the Eagles Cheerleaders on the water filtration project in the Dominican.

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View photos from the new 2018 Eagles Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar, which features the innovative Sponge Suit on the cover.


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