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Look out, Hollywood! Eagles Cheerleader Kyle Tanguay receives golden ticket on American Idol

Kyle Tanguay earned a golden ticket and with it a trip to Hollywood!

The rookie Eagles Cheerleader sang his heart out in front of the all-star panel of judges on the latest episode of American Idol that aired Sunday evening on ABC. It was a unanimous decision to send Kyle to California for the next round of auditions.

"Truly, words can't even describe what it felt like to receive the approval of all three judges and be given the golden ticket. I was jumping all around and I remember running up to the judges to thank them. It just meant the world to me that they saw my potential," Kyle said. "In a way, it was a similar feeling to making the Eagles Cheerleaders last year, that feeling of satisfaction that comes after achieving something so monumental. It was just amazing, and I couldn't stop smiling."

The entire Eagles Cheerleaders squad traveled with Kyle to Washington, D.C. to support his dreams. The Eagles Cheerleaders had a great time putting together a special "Kyle, The Next Idol" cheer to showcase in front of America. The fun day of cheering in D.C. culminated with joining Kyle in the audition room, along with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

"It was actually the first time my teammates heard me sing and a few of them got emotional," Kyle said. "Seeing their reaction, I found myself not even really being worried about the outcome of my audition on American Idol. I was just so grateful to have my team there with me, to know that regardless of the outcome, I had their unconditional support. It honestly just shows the closeness of our team."

Kyle performed a beautiful rendition of Mercy by Shawn Mendes for his audition. As someone with no professional singing training or experience, the judges applauded his natural singing ability. While he was a little nervous about singing in front of such talented musicians, those butterflies vanished when he stood in front of the three judges.

"They were so supportive of my dream ... very genuine and encouraging, which made that moment very special," Kyle said. "Katy Perry is one of my music idols and her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show is iconic, so to be able to sing in front of her was especially exhilarating."

American Idol's next episode will air March 1 at 8 PM on ABC. Be sure to follow along and watch Kyle reach for the stars in Hollywood.

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