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Eagles Bring Halloween Smiles To CHOP

On Monday, the Eagles visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and brought some Halloween spirit with them...

The Eagles visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to bring some Halloween spirit to the children and their families on Monday. The team was represented by quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and G.J. Kinne, nose tackles Beau Allen and Bennie Logan and running back Chris Polk.

All five of the players arrived in their costumes as they greeted the smiling children. Sanchez and Kinne were Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. Logan was Batman, Allen was Mr. America and Polk was The Incredible Hulk, or in Eagles terms, The Incredible Polk. The players went the extra mile in playing the role of their costumes the entire time and the children loved it.

The children were able to take pictures with the players and the team also signed items and handed fun stuff out. Overall, everyone had a blast, especially the players.

"It meant the world to me to be able to come here to CHOP," running back Chris Polk said at the end of the event.

"These kids sadly are not fortunate enough to go outside and experience Halloween, so it's really the least that we can do," he added. "With that being said, I know that coming here and bringing a little Halloween to them means a lot."

Polk understood how important Halloween is to children and he was happy to help out.

"When I was this age I know how things like this would've affected me, and how much it would've meant to me. It really just brightens my day to make someone else's day," Polk said.

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