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DJax: Focus Is On Football

He is able to do what he loves to do, what he does better than just about everyone on this planet: Run pass routes and catch passes. DeSean Jackson is a happy man, a focused man and one who is an integral part in the Eagles' big picture in 2012 and beyond.

Armed with a five-year contract extension, Jackson met with reporters after OTA practice on Wednesday at the NovaCare Complex a serene figure with his mind squarely on the game of football.

"It's a good feeling to get out here with the guys. There's a new energy, everybody is focusing on a common goal and that's the Super Bowl," said Jackson. "Everything else is not a factor. We're here having fun together playing fast as a team and doing the things I think we need to do. This is Step 1."

Jackson is the offense's long-distance playmaker and the Eagles need him to stretch defenses, make plays with his electric speed and command attention in coverage. When the Eagles line up on game day, they know that defenses want to take Jackson out of the picture, so they settle into soft coverage shells and keep Jackson in front of them.

Without that big-play threat down the field, the Eagles aren't the same attack. Jackson, who said his first goal is to be more of a team leader, thinks the Eagles can take more advantage of the middle of the field to open up home-run opportunities.

"Last year was kind of tough with all of the big plays we were used to getting being taken away," said Jackson, "This year I think we need to work the intermediate game a little better, the intermediate routes and things like that, and soften people up, make them come up and keep them honest. I think that would be a good thing for this offense."

There really is no drama surrounding Jackson. There is no contract story. There is nothing other than football, and Jackson is determined to do whatever the coaches ask him to do to help the Eagles win.

All of a sudden, Jackson is a grizzled veteran on this roster. And he's fine with that. The idea of leading by example is exciting for No. 10.

"I just want to set an example for the guys out here," said Jackson. "We have bonded something together with the young guys that we have here and I think everybody is really stepping up and being accountable. We know what we have at stake and we know what we want. As long as everybody comes together with one common goal, I think we'll be alright."

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