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D-Line Takes Luck Out Of Equation


INDIANAPOLIS - It's been a common thread throughout the preseason and once again it rang true on Saturday in Indy. The Eagles' defensive line was flat out dominant in the team's 33-23 victory, something it prides itself on.

During the course of the game, the players sacked Colts quarterback Andrew Luck three times and pressured him on countless occasions. It's the exact mentality coordinator Jim Schwartz's players want to embody heading into the regular season.

"Everything kind of works together. It's like gears in a clock," said defensive tackle Beau Allen, who recorded one of the sacks. "If you get the pass rush rolling, you're going to get more interceptions on the back end. I think today our defense was just working well together. We have a long way to go, but it's just fun to be out there with a crew where things seem to be working."

A big reason why the Eagles have been so effective on the line is their depth. With so much talent at the position, they are able to rotate pieces in and out, ensuring everyone stays fresh and ready to attack.

The more rested these players are, the more effective they can be during that game. It's a recipe for success and the defense is excited about the direction it's headed in as the regular season inches closer.

"I mean that's what you want as a D-line," defensive end Brandon Graham said. "You want to be deep. You want to stay healthy. Even when they started going quick, we were still in their faces. We have a lot of corrections we need to make, but I think overall the effort is what you want from the defense and I think we have that from the D-line. We're ready."

Eagles take on the Colts in Indianapolis during Week 3 of the preseason.

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