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Celebrate Earth Day with an in-depth look at the Eagles' Go Green initiative

Eagles Vice President of Fan Experience and Sustainability Norman Vossschulte
Eagles Vice President of Fan Experience and Sustainability Norman Vossschulte

For Eagles Vice President of Fan Experience and Sustainability Norman Vossschulte, every day is Earth Day.

"While I like an activation such as Earth Day to remind people that we should pay attention to our planet, I believe every day is Earth Day," Vossschulte said. "This is our home, and we have to make sure we can sustain life for future generations, that's why we do our part to make a difference."

Vossschulte oversees the organization's sustainability department, comprised of the Engagement, Communication, and Operation Committee which is made up of multiple departments, internal staff, and fans from around the world. He acts as the sustainability spokesperson for the Eagles and works with consultants to achieve and maintain certifications, research new activations, and engage staff and fans through the Go Green initiative.

Thanks to his exceptional leadership of the organization's sustainability and eco-friendly efforts, Vossschulte was voted onto the Board of Directors of the Green Sports Alliance.

"Norman's appointment to the Board of Directors of the Green Sports Alliance is a tribute to his stewardship as an ambassador for our Go Green program," said Don Smolenski, Philadelphia Eagles President. "His ongoing commitment to sustainability has led us to LEED Gold and ISO certifications, along with becoming the country's first pro sports team to offset team travel emissions through seagrass and mangrove restoration. He has proudly represented our organization across the globe, and we know he will do the same for the Green Sports Alliance."

The Green Sports Alliance is a premier sustainability organization, connecting sports organizations worldwide to sustainability partners. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has been encouraging the sports industry and its partners to measure, mitigate, and advance their sustainability and social impact.

The Eagles have been a long-standing partner of the Green Sports Alliance, even hosting the organization's annual summit at Lincoln Financial Field in 2019. Vossschulte has worked on many initiatives with the Green Sports Alliance including assisting with the 2019 summit. The native of Berlin, Germany was approached with the idea of joining the board last year by executive leadership and other board members. When a vacancy opened early in 2024, Vossschulte's name was brought forth and he was elected to the Board of Directors.

"Sustainability has been part of the Eagles' DNA for quite some time, we are a corporate citizen and have a responsibility to our community worldwide to innovate and sustain," Vossschulte said. "Being part of the board helps us not only give back to the sustainability community and use our platform to help drive GSA's mission forward but also allows us to be as close as possible to new initiatives and innovation that may make a difference for us and our community."

Since the opening of Lincoln Financial Field in 2003, the Eagles have been a champion of environmental sustainability with their Go Green initiative, which has been recognized nationwide with accreditations and certifications. Thanks due in large part to the collaborative internal efforts between Vossschulte's department and the facility operations team led by Senior Vice President, Operations Jason Miller and Vice President of Facilities Operations Ryan Hummel, Lincoln Financial Field was certified as a LEED Gold stadium for on-site sustainability and eco-friendly efforts and is recognized as a Global Biorisk Advisory Council STAR-accredited building for cleaning and disinfection protocols and infectious disease prevention. The Eagles also became the first professional sports team to receive ISO 20121 certification for the integration of sustainability into management practices.

This past season, the Eagles installed LED sports lighting at Lincoln Financial Field, part of a multi-year stadium upgrade plan to switch to complete LED lighting. The lights have helped save a lot of energy. Now, the stadium uses half of the energy it used before, decreasing from 1.5 megawatts in past years to around 0.7 megawatts during the 2023 season.

"The LED lighting package allows us to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the stadium," Vossschulte said. "We are now able to switch our lighting on and off and use multiple colors to create a very exciting atmosphere. Saving half the energy needed to run these lights makes this a must-implement proposition."

While the Eagles' sustainability and Go Green efforts have transformed the environment, there are higher levels and bigger goals that Vossschulte wants to reach.

Moving forward, the organization is looking to upgrade its fleet of vehicles to be powered by clean hydrogen fuel. This comes after a hydrogen fueling station was installed at Lincoln Financial Field in late September as part of a multi-year partnership with PDC Machines, creating hydrogen fuel onsite and making the stadium the first in the world to have such a fueling station.

Vossschulte's team is also working with their shopping bag partner to create a clear plastic sustainable bag for fans on game day. A portion of the proposed bag will be made from sugarcane ethanol and will be biodegradable.

"These are just a few of many initiatives we are currently exploring," Vossschulte said.

In his new role on the Board of Directors of the Green Sports Alliance and in his current position with the Eagles, Vossschulte will continue to set the standard for sustainability leadership in the world of sports.

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