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CB Dominique Franks Scouting Report

CB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma
Pos. Rank: 10 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 5-11 Weight: 194 40: 4.46 Year: 4-Jr.

The Good: Athletically gifted cornerback who plays a physical game. Strong at the point, easily runs downfield with opponents and displays a burst to the ball out of his plant. Uses his size to box out opponents, aggressively goes after ball handlers, and is a strong open field tackler. Above-average skills recognizing routes in zone coverage, displays a sense of timing and makes a lot of positive plays on the ball.

The Bad: Stiff moving in reverse, slow transitioning off the line, and shows a lot of hesitation in his game. Marginally instinctive, falls asleep on occasion and blows assignments.

The Verdict: Franks has been a solid cornerback at Oklahoma the past two seasons and a playmaker at the position. He possesses the physical skills to be a starter at the next level yet will need time to develop his game and may only be able to play in a bump- and-run type of system.

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