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C Eric Cook Scouting Report

C Eric Cook, New Mexico
Pos. Rank: 8 Grade: Free Agent Height: 6-6 Weight: 318 40: 5.51 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Nice-sized lineman with good strength at the point of attack. Quick into blocks, keeps his feet moving, and jolts defenders with good hand punch. Makes good use of angles, keeps his head on a swivel, and always works to get pad on defenders. Stays square, fights hard throughout the action, and keeps the opponent in front of him. Effectively quarterbacks the offensive line.

The Bad: Must improve his balance and all too often falls off blocks rather than finishes them. Lacks a dominant base.

The Verdict: Cook is a well-sized blocker with growth potential and the ability to play in several systems. The versatility to play spots on the line could help catch on as an inexpensive backup.

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