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Brandon Graham Travel Diary: Now, It's All Business

LONDON – I walked out of the locker room at the NovaCare Complex around 5:15 p.m. on Thursday and got through security at 5:30 p.m. and went straight to the bus and then we took off for the airport. It was business as usual, really, and then we got on our plane and my plan was to do what I was told to do: Get me some sleep. We're losing five hours with the time change and it's a long flight, so my mindset was to get to sleep as fast as I could. That's not a problem for me. I fall asleep right away. I'm a hard sleeper. It's a gift and a curse sometimes.

I was pretty exhausted even with the sleep I got on the plane. We landed early in the morning in London and then piled on the buses and got to our hotel and I was dragging. But Coach (Doug Pederson) gave us 30 minutes to sleep and I took a nap. A power nap, really. It felt like I slept for two hours.

We practiced at a place way out in the country called the London Irish Rugby Club and I think we had good energy. We understand the urgency here. You can't use the trip as any kind of excuse not to be at your best. Jacksonville is doing the same thing we are and those guys have a longer flight. At the end of the day, it's a business trip for us. We have to win this game. That's the purpose of this trip. When you're out on that field, nobody cares about how much sleep you had. It's "me" time and when it's "me" time, I'm not tired.

Coach said this was the most energy we've had this week based on the stuff we had to do today and the move from Philadelphia to England. We're not saying in the city of London, so we're out a ways. It's a lot of travel on buses and that's cool. We get some bonding time and a chance to focus on Sunday and the Jaguars.

We have a choice: We can either do it right, do things the way we're supposed to do them, or we can just go out and do it and make mistakes. Nobody's happy that we are 3-4. That's not where we expected to be at this point. I could see that in the way that everybody took it so seriously. We ain't here to go sightseeing.

I've got my wife (Carlyne) and daughter (Emerson), along with my mother (Tasha), here and I know my wife has her itinerary filled. I understand that. She wants to see everything she can see. But I'm all business until this game is over, and then we're going to stay another week, take our baby over to Disneyworld in Paris and enjoy that time. But until the game is over, it's hard to think about much else. We do have some time on Saturday to tour London. I'm going to enjoy that and relax a little bit, as I would on a normal Saturday before a game.

This is my first time overseas. When the business is over, I'm going to travel around and see the sights. But that's not for a few days. We've got Jacksonville on our minds. We've handled the travel part of it and the sleep, so we have to treat it like every other road trip. We have to come out of here with a win.

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