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Bradford Turning Blue Into Midnight Green


Sam Bradford may not have opened his Eagles' career the way he imagined, but the quarterback certainly isn't letting that affect him. After a lackluster first half and a second-half rally that fell short against the Falcons, Bradford and the team are moving on from Monday night. They have their sights set on Dallas.

"In this league, you've got to have a short memory. Win or lose, the next opponent's coming quick, especially when you play on Monday Night Football," Bradford said. "It's a short week. You've got to get the quick turnaround, get going on the game plan, know what we're going to do against Dallas."

With a full game for the first time in almost two years under his belt, the quarterback is quickly remembering the physical after effects. Bradford took multiple hits on Monday and made sure to pay a little more attention to the soreness the next day. He wants to ensure his body is healthy for the home opener.

"About as enjoyable as I remember it being," Bradford joked as he described getting knocked around.

As a first-year Eagle, Bradford is quickly learning about the rivalry between the two teams.

"I think I'm learning quickly that there's not a lot of love between the two sides. I think a couple of the guys were at a charity event yesterday and everybody was talking about they had some choice words for Dallas," Bradford said. "Obviously, what was it our first or second practice, they had the banner flying over the stadium. Obviously we know this is a big game for both teams."

Growing up in Oklahoma, the quarterback followed Dallas football some when he was younger, because the majority of people in his town were fans of the team. But, now times have changed.

"I'd say most of the people back home are Cowboys fans," Bradford laughed, "but they're all converted to Eagles fans now."

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