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An Outside Perspective Of The Eagles' Draft

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News sought out "an NFL personnel man" (a scout according to the link) to give an outside scouting perspective of what the Eagles did in the 2011 NFL Draft. Some of the detailed analysis is below. You can click here for the complete recap.

1. G Danny Watkins - "I really like Watkins. He was our top-rated guard. ... For a guy who's only been playing the game for 4 years, his techniques are excellent. I was amazed at how technically sound he was. With his hands, with his feet, position, all that stuff. He looks like a guy who's been playing football a lot longer than he actually has been. He's a good athlete. ... He's going to be a good player. His age is a little bit of a negative, but he'll play 10 years. Then he'll go back and be a firefighter."

2. S Jaiquawn Jarrett - "I loved him. ... When you look at the whole package, he's tough, he's smart. ... He's a real football player. Some people might want to make a big deal of his 40 time (4.62). But the guy plays fast. He covers ground. He knows where to go. It wouldn't surprise me if he competes for a starting job right away. He's very mature. He's played a lot of football. I don't think anything's too big for him. ... I mean I'd take him 7 days a week over Rahim Moore."

3. CB Curtis Marsh - "He's a good athlete with good size and speed. But he's raw. ... They obviously see something in Marsh. They're betting on his upside. We'll see."

4. LB Casey Matthews - "He's got a pretty good motor."

5. K Alex Henery - "He was one of the better kickers in the draft. ...  I don't have a big problem with where they took him. ... (I)f you like him, you'd better go get him."

6. RB Dion Lewis - "He's a good football player. We really liked him. The only problem with him is his height. But surprisingly, he was a good inside runner at Pitt. Catches it. He's a very good back. Durability shouldn't be an issue. He had like 2 games last year where he carried it 40 times. ... (T)hat's a great fifth-round pickup."

7. G Julian Vandervelde - "He's a solid player from a good program. It's not going to be too big for him. Smart. Solid pick. He'll compete. He'll make the team and be a backup guard."

8. C Jason Kelce - "He's a good player, he's just undersized. He's quick, has an excellent first step. He takes good angles."

9. LB Brian Rolle - "He could be a sub-linebacker. Every time you put the Ohio State tape on, he was making tackles. They might have a hybrid role for him. And he should be a demon on special teams."

10. LB Greg Lloyd - "He's a tough player ... Physical player."

11. FB Stanley Havili - " Good West Coast type fullback. Had 100-plus catches in his career. Was a four-year starter at USC which counts for something. ... (T)his kid will get a chance to make the team."

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