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An Eagles Father's Day Infographic


While wishing a Happy Father's Day to all the Eagles fans out there, here's a breakdown of the Eagles family. Twenty-six members of the Eagles' 90-man roster are fathers themselves and they have a wide variety of family breakdowns. Check it all out below ...


One more interesting wrinkle about the Eagles family? There are six players on the team who have brothers in the NFL: Jason Kelce, Brent Celek, Emmanuel Acho, Joe Kruger, Casey Matthews and Jaylen Watkins.

"I think he's very proud, just raising two boys that somehow ended up in the NFL," said Acho about his father, a Nigerian emigrant. "It's difficult for him when he has to split whether to go to Arizona (where Sam Acho plays) or Philadelphia, but it's a very proud and prideful moment.

"We play the Cardinals this year after the bye week, so I think he's going to have to split-shirt it. One color red and one color green."

Matthews, meanwhile, grew up in one of football's most prodigious families. In total, six members of the Matthews family have played in the NFL, including Casey and his brother Clay.

"Honestly, he's had a really tremendous impact, not on just me but the whole family and, it seems, everyone he knows," Mathews said about his father. "From little league, to Pop Warner, to high school, everyone always picks up on his philosophies and sayings, and they seem to remember those more than any other coaches'. He's always been there. He didn't force us to play football, it was always whatever we wanted to do. We grew up watching him play, and we kind of fell into it.

"You can tell really when he goes back to the Midwest, to Cleveland (where he played for 16 seasons), everyone knows who he is. It's cool as a kid seeing it because out in (Los Angeles), you don't hear it too much. All the hard work that he put in during his childhood, college and the pros, as a child I was always attracted to that."

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