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5 reasons to watch the season premiere of Unscripted 

Howie Roseman
Howie Roseman

Last Thursday, Eagles fans anxiously awaited to see what the Eagles would do in the 2024 NFL Draft.

One week later, nine Eagles draft picks arrive in Philadelphia for the start of Rookie Minicamp. Our Eagles Entertainment team provides an exclusive look at what happened during the three-day NFL Draft on the season premiere of Unscripted, presented by Lincoln Financial Group.

Here are just some of the highlights that you do not want to miss:

  1. Why do the Eagles love Quinyon Mitchell?

The Eagles' top pick, cornerback Quinyon Mitchell, was on the team's radar throughout the draft process.

You will see the interaction between Mitchell and the team at the Senior Bowl when the Eagles learn more about the person and the competitive fire he will bring to Philadelphia. There was a joke about Mitchell's time in the 40-yard dash being in the 4.6-second range, which would not be ideal for his draft stock. Mitchell smiled as he replied, "Y'all going to be amazed." Watch and see for yourself how Mitchell performed.

  1. What is a Red Star player?

It's Draft Week at the NovaCare Complex as the football operations team gathers for the annual Red Star meeting in the Draft Room. As Executive Vice President/General Manager Howie Roseman explains, this is an opportunity to advocate for a player who is "someone who exemplifies what we're looking for, what it means to be a Philadelphia Eagle both in performance and in mentality."

Roseman values the opinions of everyone in the room and it's no surprise that more than half of the team's draft picks were Red Star players.

  1. Draft Night Drama

Check out Roseman's real-time reaction to seeing quarterbacks selected with six of the first 12 picks of the NFL Draft. The Eagles get their man in Mitchell, the first cornerback off the board, at the 22nd overall pick without having to surrender any draft capital. See the moment Roseman makes the call to Mitchell as well as later on when the first-round pick FaceTimes the Draft Room from Detroit.

"It was like a mix of shock and excitement. Q was one of our top players, period, that we wanted to acquire, so the fact that he was still sitting there at 22, I don't think anybody in the room ever expected that. Everybody was shocked, but excited. It was awesome," said Director of Player Personnel Charles Walls. "He's a very special person. He's humble, hard-working, he has a growth mindset."

The Eagles didn't just address the secondary with their first pick. Roseman maneuvered early in the second round to nab former Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean. Watch the reaction in the Draft Room when the trade goes down.

  1. Scouts make their case

Roseman gathers the football operations team before the final day of the NFL Draft, as the Eagles started the day with seven picks in the last four rounds and several chances to improve the football team.

Once again, Roseman resources the staff to make their case for their favorite players. It's interesting to see how some of the scouts' top prospects end up in Midnight Green.

  1. Follow the top picks as they arrive in Philadelphia

Just hours after being chosen by the Eagles, Mitchell and DeJean head to Philadelphia to tour their new home. Follow along as the players meet with the coaching staff and get a glimpse of their new lives in the NFL.

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