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Zach Ertz steps up to help the Philadelphia community

For Zach Ertz, being a Philadelphia Eagle means more, much more, than catching passes, scoring touchdowns, and winning the Super Bowl. He has made a commitment to the city through his work with the Ertz Family Foundation, and he and his wife Julie have contributed $100,000 to Philabundance to help those in need of food in these very challenging times.

"When this virus started impacting our country, Julie and I really kind of exhausted avenues to determine what was the best course of action to help," Ertz said. "We were inspired by other athletes who donated to local food banks or a relief fund. We did a lot of research in the city. Philabundance was what we wanted to partner with based on the history they've had with the city as well as the necessity of providing meals to people that this really snuck up on – meals for kids in school."

Ertz said $25 can feed a family of four for eight days. "The dollar goes a long way," Ertz said. "We felt that partnering with Philabundance would deliver the biggest positive impact."

So does the message.

Eagles center Jason Kelce (watch his epic message below) and his wife Kylie joined the program and donated $100,000 and former Eagles linebacker/defensive end and current member of the personnel department Connor Barwin and his wife Laura contributed $25,000.

"It's huge," Ertz said. "We're so thankful that they agreed to our vision and our mission with this thing. I can't thank those guys enough for continuing the conversation. As athletes playing here, we love playing here and we feel the love each and every Sunday that we step on the field, but it's not reserved to 16 days out of the year.

"We're a part of this community and when our community struggles, like with the trying times we're dealing with now, we feel an obligation and love to help people in that regard."

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