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WR Taylor Price Scouting Report

WR Taylor Price, Ohio
Pos. Rank: 9 Grade: 2nd-3rd Round Height: 6-0 1/2 Weight: 204 40: 4.40 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Nice-sized pass catcher with tremendous time speed. Quickly releases off the line, immediately gets to top speed and shows a great burst, which enables him to get behind defenders. Effectively makes the reception in contorted positions, adjusts well to the errant throw and looks the ball into his hands. Comes back to the ball out of breaks and uses his frame to shield away opponents. Can throw the option pass.

The Bad: Does not show naturally soft hands and lets some catchable passes slip by. Unnecessarily body catches on occasion.

The Verdict: Price is a nice-sized target who can stretch the field. He's elevated his game the past two seasons and has shown a good level of consistency. Still needs to work on the details of his position, yet his size/speed numbers and productivity are such that he'll have opportunities as a rookie to make it as a team's third receiver.

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