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WR Eric Decker Scouting Report

WR Eric Decker, Minnesota
Pos. Rank: 10 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 6-3 Weight: 217 40: 4.55 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good:Large, reliable possession receiver who consistently comes away with the ball. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage, uses his hands to get separation from opponents, and always on the same page as his quarterback. Displays a sense of timing, easily adjusts to the errant throw, and always finds a way to get free. Outstanding field sense and football awareness, shows great concentration, and almost always makes the difficult reception with defenders draped on him. Possesses terrific eye/hand coordination, plays with good balance as well as body control. Sells routes and displays quickness into breaks. Exposes himself to the big hit yet still comes away with the ball. Plays with an aggressive attitude and does an above- average job blocking.

The Bad:Possesses a marginal burst of speed and does not have the second gear. Must come back from a major injury.

The Verdict: Decker has been one of the most sure-handed receivers in the nation the past two years and nicely projects to the NFL as a possession wide out. He has all the makings to be a productive second or third receiver at the next level if he is able to return from his injury.

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