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Will Heyward-Bey's Deal Pave Way For Maclin?

Jeremy Maclin remains unsigned and head coach Andy Reid said on Thursday that if you look at the track record of Eagles draft picks who have extended holdouts the end result is not good. Jerome McDougle played in just eight games and had no sacks in 2003. Brodrick Bunkley had 13 tackles in 15 games when the Eagles could have used his help against the run.

An important domino in the negotiations may have fallen on Thursday. The Oakland Raiders signed Darrius Heyward-Bey to a five-year deal. Heyward-Bey was the first receiver drafted and it was in the spot that many thought Maclin was going to go. Michael Crabtree was picked three spots later by the 49ers at No. 10 and he, too, remains unsigned. Maclin, the 19th overall pick, was the third receiver drafted.

Here are the details of Heyward-Bey's deal per his agent, Alvin Keels, and Pro Football Talk. Heyward-Bey will earn over $38 million in base salary during the life of the deal. The maximum potential value of the deal is $54 million. Pro Football Talk pointed out that this is a 20.5% bump in guaranteed money and a 19.5% raise in base pay than the No. 7 pick from last year, defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis.

Cleveland drafted center Alex Mack two spots after Maclin and he signed a five-year deal worth a reported $11.3 million with $8.9 million guaranteed.

Last year's No. 19 pick, Carolina offensive tackle Jeff Otah - the pick that the Eagles traded - signed a five-year deal worth $14.33 million with just under $9 million guaranteed.

It was one thing for Maclin not to participate in the rookie and selected veteran practices, but it's a whole different ballgame now that the vets are here.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 8:13 p.m., July 30

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