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Who Was In The Super Bowl Commercial?

If you were watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show, you probably saw Angelo Vinci.

Yes, you definitely saw Beyoncé, but you might have also seen Vinci, an Eagles season ticket holder since 1958. Vinci was the Eagles fan who was featured in the commercial with wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

NFL Films reached out to Vinci in early January to arrange a photo shoot at his Southwest Philadelphia home. They told the 77-year-old, life-long Philadelphian that it was to thank him for all of his years of being a fan. On January 11, NFL Films deployed a crew to setup cameras and place a microphone on Vinci and his wife, Joanne. Vinci was told that a truck was coming with his prize. Vinci thought about the types of prizes that typically arrive on trucks.

"All I'm thinking is, 'What am I going to do with a refrigerator or a dishwasher?" Vinci said.

When the truck arrived, two men placed a big silver gift box wrapped in an Eagle-colored bow in front of Vinci's house. When Vinci lifted the top, silver and white balloons and confetti flew out of the box. But that wasn't all. Jackson, who is Vinci's favorite player, also jumped out of the box.

"That's a hell of a gift!" Vinci exclaimed. "I was stunned. I was speechless, which for me is unusual."

Jackson did not come alone. He was joined by SWOOP and two of the Eagles Cheerleaders and they all spent about an hour with Vinci and his wife.

"I was so impressed with how gracious he was," Vinci said. "He was down to earth. He took pictures with me and my wife."

If Jackson's visit wasn't enough of a surprise, Vinci was told by one of the NFL Films producers that the footage was going to be used in a Super Bowl commercial.

"I thought it was wonderful," Vinci said.

Vinci first started going to Eagles games with a group of friends at Franklin Field. Even though some friends gave up their tickets over the years, Vinci never relented.

"I just love football and the Eagles," Vinci said. "I'm born and raised here."

Vinci now watches Eagles home games from his seat in Section 137, Row 13, Seat 1 with his daughter, Joanne, his son-in-law, Brett, and his niece, Diane. He was able to attend the Super Bowl in Jacksonville in 2005 when the Eagles played the New England Patriots, but he would love to see his team back there again and come out with a win.

"I'm hoping for the best," Vinci said. "I want to go to another Super Bowl."

On Sunday, Vinci was a part of the Super Bowl action. There are not too many fans, of any team, who can claim that.

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