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Who Is The Most Underrated Eagle?

On Sunday, we took a look at which players are expected by their teammates to have breakout seasons. Staying along those lines, Eagles players also listed teammates they believe are the most underrated. These players may be more established than a breakout candidate but still don't get the respect teammates think they deserve.

Two players were tied for the most votes with three: All-Pro center Jason Kelce and defensive end Brandon Graham.

Graham's strip-sack of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl basically sealed the Eagles' victory and gave him more visibility across the world. But many of Graham's teammates still believe he doesn't get enough credit for the little things he does daily for the team.

"Probably Brandon Graham. Hell no, he doesn't get enough recognition. Brandon Graham is a hell of a player, in the run game, pass game, whatever you ask him to do." - Brandon Brooks

"I'd say maybe BG. He's just a great player and I don't hear him get talked about. And I think he's dominant." - Jay Ajayi

"Brandon Graham is definitely the most underrated." - Lane Johnson

Kelce also received plenty of national attention after the Super Bowl with his fiery parade speech. But the attention was more focused on his outfit and words rather than historic success. Johnson and Brooks both said Kelce is the best center at blocking in space they've ever seen.

"I don't think Kelce gets enough credit. He's unbelievably athletic. He's faster than a lot of the linebackers and gets to the same level. He's so good with his body with leverages and everything, and he's so explosive. And he's so smart, he knows angles, he knows scheme, where to go with the point and everything. He's just unbelievable. Kelce's amazing." - Nate Sudfeld

"Jason Kelce and Brandon Brooks. Sometimes playing O-line, you don't get hyped up like you should be sometimes and I think Brooks and Kelce should get hyped up more." - Nate Gerry

"Jason Kelce. I think he's a stud. He gets everyone lined up. He's a hell of a player too, but I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves." - Zach Ertz

A few players received singular votes but earned extreme praise from the nominating teammate.

"Probably Lane (Johnson). He's the best tackle in football but people can't wrap their head around it because people are stupid and think that right tackles can't be the best tackle on the field. But he's the best. At least last year he was." - Chris Long

"Nick Foles. When certain things turn bad they try to point a finger, but we all know the type of caliber quarterback Nick is and what he can be, so I think that's the guy that truly gets overlooked, especially his work ethic.

"One day (the media will) be high on him, one day they'll be low, but we're always going to have his back and stay high on him because we know the presence he brings to this room." - Corey Clement

"I know he gets respect, but just seeing him in person is exciting to me: Darren Sproles. I know he's been a Pro Bowler so people obviously respect him but just seeing him in person, he's a lot more exciting in person even than when you see him on TV. Just watching him practice out there, I've gained a new level of respect for him." - Mike Wallace

Several defensive backs received votes as well with cornerback Jalen Mills and safety Rodney McLeod gaining two mentions each.

"I'd say Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby. I think both of those guys don't get the notoriety that they deserve. When you turn on the tape and watch them, it's impressive. I think this should be that year that people really realize what they're doing.

"When Darby first got here he really jumped out on the tape, but this year, being in the defense for another year, getting more and more comfortable with the locker room, he's really been having a strong camp and he played well for us last year, but this year has been off the chart." - Malcolm Jenkins

"Rodney McLeod, Jalen Mills. We know how important they are, but I feel like they are still underrated." - Ronald Darby

"Rodney McLeod. He does his job. He plays fast. He makes a lot of plays for us. And he's a lot better than people think. He doesn't get a lot of respect. Obviously, when you've got a guy like Malcolm Jenkins' style of safety, he gets a lot of respect, but if I had to pick a guy that's under the radar and doesn't get a lot of respect he should get, it would definitely be Rodney." - Corey Graham

"I'd have to say Corey Graham. That's why he's back, because they know how valuable he is for us. He's smart, he can come in and teach the younger guys, show him how to practice, and he's always around the ball. We need someone like that ... If people have questions about what he sees and notices from his team, he's the type who will pass it down and help the younger guys, so whenever you have a guy like that in the room, I'd like to pick his brain too." - Brandon Graham

Two other players receiving votes were wide receiver Shelton Gibson and linebacker Jordan Hicks, two guys who were also chosen by teammates as breakout candidates for this season.

The best quote, however, may have been from wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. For him, the most underrated teammate on the Super Bowl Champion Eagles is every teammate.

"I honestly feel like we all are. I mean, even though we won the Super Bowl, we still don't get enough credit. So I feel like we're all still underrated and I feel like we were a surprise last season. I'm not going to say we're the underdogs but we're going to embrace whatever comes with it." - Alshon Jeffery

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